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  • Sign Making Machines

    Sign Making Machines

    Woodpecker double Y axis engraving machine is accurate as screw machines and fast as rack and machines.

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  • Woodworking Machines

    Woodworking Machines

    GL series machine is specifically designed for the furniture and decoration industry.

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  • Plasma Cutting Machines

    Plasma Cutting Machines

    RK plasma cutting machine is used to cut kinds of metal plates.

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  • Key Making Machines

    Key Making Machines

    Key making machines is widely used to manufacture keys.It is perfect for a production line.

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  • Mould & die Machines

    Mould & die Machines

    CNC Mould&die machines is classical CNC metal processing machine to produce kinds of mould and die.

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  • Special CNC Machines

    Special CNC Machines

    "Woodpecker" M-90/SMART series engraving machine is ROC-MESE‘s latest desktop engraving machine.

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  • MINI Letter CNC Machine

    MINI Letter CNC Machine

    At the beginning of the New Year of 2016, all things changed from old to new. ROC Company launched the new ATHOS Series.

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  • CNC Tapping Machine

    CNC Tapping Machine

    The DT series is the latest product of ROC MESE company. With very high precision, the tapping and chamfering machine

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  • CNC Cutting Machine

    CNC Cutting Machine

    LANCARA cutting machine with 4 axis is a multifunctional cutting machine

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  • Flat Bed UV Printer

    Flat Bed UV Printer

    Vitejet series UV flatbed color printing machine with an adjustable Z-axis. Smooth and accurate movement.

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    Established in 1992, ROC M.E.S.E specializes in research and development,production and sales integration of computer numeric...

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